For Your Prayers

Chain of Prayer
In February and March any names to be added to the Chain of Prayer for healing should be phoned to Hilary Dale (07557 501864), thank you. 

Remember those on our Chain of Prayer 

Rob, Lillian, Linda, Doris, Baby Harry, Freda, Beryl, Barbara, Jenny, Andrew C-J., Olive, Graham L, Timothy, John R, Phoebe, Justin, Caroline, Dennis, Jocelyn, Fr Alan, Sister Judy, Yvonne

Pray for the souls of those whose anniversary falls at this time:

Mark Kalvans, Derek Rigby, Hilda Turner, James Hulme, Celia Renaudon,

Pray for the souls of those who recently died, including:

Dot Poole, David Ellis, Joan Wilcox, Alan Armstrong, Maureen Faram, Rita Ashley

Those who birthdays fall this week.  
Arthur Webb (15th), Amber Rose Thornton (20th), Danielle Hammond (21st)