For Your Prayers

Remember those on our Chain of Prayer 

Rob Richards, Sheila Davis, , Julia, Frank, Caroline, Jean, Lillian Williams, John Richards, Doris Kalvans, Graham, David Wood, Kath, Barbara Emery, Gladys Warrilow, , Stacey Compton, Stan, Christine Wood, John, Stan Tilstone

Pray for the souls of those whose anniversary falls at this time:

Mark Kalvans, Derek Rigby, Hilda Turner, James Hulme

Pray for the souls of those who recently died, including:

Mary Hulse, George Duncan, Jacqueline Pickerill

Those who birthdays fall this week.  
Amber Thornton (20th), Danielle Hammond (21st), Lilie Cole (22nd), Mary Powell (23rd)

Sanctuary Lamp

St Andrew’s Sanctuary Lamp is donated this week by Maureen Rigby in memory of Derek Rigby