Help Needed

Job Vacancy
St Andrew's PCC wishes to employ a new Church Hall Caretaker, to manage the day-to-day upkeep of the church hall. 5 hours per week, at £177 per month. Application packs are available from the parish office or the vicar. For more information, see the posters or speak to Fr Chris. Closing date for applications is Sunday 28th April 2019.

Coffee Morning
The St Barnabas coffee morning on Saturday 11th May will also include a Plant Sale.

Shoebox Campaign 2018 Update
Shelagh recently received an email telling us that our boxes were distributed in the delta region of Romania. They are hopeful that one year they will go to Africa.

St Barnabas’ Foodbank
Thank you to everyone who regularly donates to this cause. Just a reminder to please check that all items given are well within the ‘best before date’.  Also just to note that they are unable to accept any medicinal drinks such as ‘Build-up’ or ‘Complan’. Once again thank you very much for all of your contributions.

Reading Glasses Collection
We are collecting old reading glasses for a charity, India eye train. It provides glasses for the elderly and poor. It doesn’t matter what condition they are in as they are fixed before being sent out. Any glasses that you would like to donate can be given to Lynn Kearns at St Andrew’s. Thank you.

Young People's Group
We are looking to start a new group for the young people of our two churches which would meet on a Sunday afternoon/evening once a month. This would be a joint enterprise for our parishes, to support our young people and their faith journeys. We are looking for two or three people who would be willing to work with the clergy on this; if you feel this may be something that God is calling you to, please speak to Fr Chris.

The Children’s Society
Many thanks to all Children’s Society box holders who have had their boxes emptied in the last few weeks. If your box has not bee emptied, please bring it as soon as possible and leave it at the back of church. Boxes can also be dropped off at 16 Basford Park Road if that is more convenient. Boxes will be ready for collection the following week at the back of church. Thank you again for helping to transform the lives of disadvantaged children in this country, from Christine Wood.

The Rainbows. 
The Rainbows are collecting used postage stamps to raise funds. Please would you save any stamps you get and pass them to Bev Jones at St. Andrew’s. Thank you

St Barnabas 100’s Club. 
Linda Rowley is looking for more members of the 100’s club at St. Barnabas. Members are included in a monthly cash draw and contribute greatly to the work of the church. Anyone interested can contact Linda on 01782 866433. Thank you.

Please could Maureen Rigby 
Have your used postage stamps.  They are used to raise funds for Leprosy Mission.