Help Needed

Harvest Festival
Many thanks for all the Harvest contributions. The Elizabeth Trust and Sanctus are very grateful for the donations.

Family In Need
Many thanks for the incredibly generous response to the request for pots and pans for the family in need. They are very grateful for the love and support shown by our churches.

The Children’s Society:
Just a reminder that you can put all your unwanted foreign coins as well as notes in your Children’s Society box, as they can be exchanged  for cash, which the organization can use for disadvantaged children.  Thank you for your continuing support of this wonderful cause. Best wishes from Christine Wood.

The Rainbows. 
The Rainbows are collecting used postage stamps to raise funds. Please would you save any stamps you get and pass them to Bev Jones at St. Andrew’s. Thank you

Please could Maureen Rigby 
Have your used postage stamps.  They are used to raise funds for Leprosy Mission.

St Barnabas 100’s Club. 
Linda Rowley is looking for more members of the 100’s club at St. Barnabas. Members are included in a monthly cash draw and contribute greatly to the work of the church. Anyone interested can contact Linda on 01782 866433. Thank you.