St. Andrews

Due to the increase in the population, and the number of working class houses that were being built in 1850's in the Porthill area, the Church of Wolstanton was finding it difficult to cope with all these newcomers. This was a deciding factor in the building of a new Church in the Porthill area. A piece of land was purchased at the top of Porthill Bank, from Sir Oliver Lodge at a cost of 620. Subscriptions were solicited from a number of local wealthy people. The main benefactors being, the Rev. Sneyd and Mr. Michael Wood a local potter who gave 1000 each, and Sir Oliver Lodge gave 100.
The foundation stone of St. Andrews was laid in July 1884, and the Church was consecrated on Thursday the 11 March 1886 by the Bishop of Lichfield. On Thursday the 28 April 1887 St. Andrews was visited by the Archbishop of York who held a service in the Church.

St. Andrews was one of the first Churches in this area where all seating was free.

1897 was to see the south aisle built, this added a further 130 seats, making a total of 550 seats in the church.

On the 14 February 1913 Porthill became a parish in its own right, Fr. Nash being appointed the first vicar of Porthill. Up to that time St. Andrews had been a Daughter Church of Wolstanton.
The original Parish of Wolstanton has now been divided up into eight parishes.